GameAgents at NumberOne

Today, as we start a brand new chapter of our NumberOne competition, we are pleased to welcome GameAgents in our LegendTeams.

They fought through the whole Qualifier process, from the Open Qualifier, to winning the Closed Qualifier against teams like Cartel, NoLimit, but most importantly, TRICKED ESPORT in the Grand Final!

Currently ranked 84 in the HLTV ranking, and freshly promoted in ESEA Main, the Romanian players are looking to keep their momentum alive by doing well in our Stage 2, but also in competitions like Flashpoint 3.

Please give a warm welcome to mhN1, fNk, regaN, RENNE and lauNX, players for GameAgents ! They will play their first game in the Stage 2 on April 27, at 11PM CET, against Wait for Tag.

Meet the team :


Golden Palace