NumberOne Season 2 - Stage 2

Finally, the wait is over, the teams are ready and the players are hungry for some CSGO... The Stage 2 starts today !

From April 27 to May 23, 8 teams will fight for a 5000€ prize pool, and some important points for the NumberOne Ranking, in light of potentially joining the Grand Finale at the end of the season. Prize pool will be spread among the first three teams : 1st place gets 2.500€, 2nd place gets 1.500€ and the 3rd place gets 1.000€.

Talking about teams, our 8 contenders are more than ready, and it will be interesting to see if Ambush can keep their Champions Trophy against more than motivated opponents, like TheDice and eClubBrugge, who are looking for redemption, Clutch Rayn who wants to do as good, if not better than last stage, GROND, Wait for Tag, but also the newcomers mYinsannity and GameAgents. This Stage 2 is going to be INSANE!

The schedule stays the same as our older editions. and if you are not familiar with us, the competition will take place as the following : 7 matchdays (two days each week, and one in the last week), directly followed by a weekend of playoffs to determine who's the winner between the SIX best teams after the 7 days. The Group Stage will be held in a Round Robin format (BO1), the top 2 advance to semifinals, and teams ranked 3rd to 6th advance to quarterfinals. The playoffs format is "Single Elimination" (All matches are BO3.)

There's also a brand new concept in this second Stage, and it's "TheOne". We wanted to bring a breath of fresh air in our competition, and TheOne will take place as some sort of "All Star Game" after the end of the season. From today's until the very last day of competition, fans will be allowed to vote for their favorite players (IGL, AWPer, Rifles) each week throught polls, but also once a day via specific tweets. More informations will come later about the format, and what to expect for the event, in the next few days and weeks, so make sure to follow our socials, everything will be posted there!

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